Accompanying the Young: The Souls our Hearts Seek

· Mary Greenan, volume 14

by Mary Greenan, FMA




  • A Passion for Souls
  • New Wine in Some Old Skins?
  • Starting Point for Accompaniment
  • Love as the Indispensable Condition for Accompaniment
  • Knowing the End of All Our Accompanying
  • The Key Questions Then Are What Is the Basic Goal of Spiritual Accompaniment and What Needs to Be Accompanied?
  • The Journey of Accompaniment: Signposts along the Way
  • The Sign: Maturity This Way
  • The Sign: Accepting and Loving Oneself
  • The Sign: Seeing Life as It Really Is
  • The Sign: Freely Giving Myself to Others
  • The Sign: Experiencing God
  • Passionately Tending the Fire