Response to Arthur Lenti’s “Da Mihi Animas in Don Bosco: Don Bosco’s Life and Work for the ‘Salvation of Souls’”

· Savio Hon, volume 15

by Archbishop Savio Hon, SDB



My special congratulations to Fr. Arthur Lenti on his article! It is very well documented, succinct, and concise. In my response, I would like to focus on two points. One is to appreciate the sapiential dimension of the motto that has permeated all aspects of the life of Don Bosco and the Salesian Family. Another is to call to mind the inter-cultural aspect which deserves more of our attention nowadays…



  • “Sapor” (taste, or wisdom)
  • Scripture and Salesian Documents
  • Inter-cultural Aspect
  • Charism
  • Family Spirit
  • The Valdocco Oratory experience
  • Implementation of the biblical motto
  • Implication of inter-culturation
  • Apostolic zeal
  • Detachment