Don Bosco’s Oratories in 1849-1852: Conflict, Crisis and Resolution

· Arthur J. Lenti, volume 14

by Arthur J. Lenti, SDB




  • Introduction: Historical Context
  • The Situation of the Oratories in Turin in 1849-1852
  • Don Bosco's Early Associates and Collaborators in Oratory Work
  • Don Bosco's Letter, February 20, 1850 to the Mendicità Istruita
  • Fr. Borel's "Memoriale dell'Oratorio"
  • Don Bosco's Cenni Storici (Historical Outlines) of 1862
  • Don Bosco's Article in the Bolletino Salesiano, September 1877, on the Early Salesian Cooperators
  • Comment
  • Critical Phase in the Oratory Movement in Turin and Don Bosco's Emergence (1849-1852)
  • Issues and Ideological Diversity among Oratory Workers
  • Crisis at the Oratory of St. Aloysius with Fr. Pietro Ponte
  • Directors at the Oratory of Saint Aloysius: Fr. Carpano and Successors
  • Crisis at the Oratory of St. Aloysius
  • Comment
  • Crisis at the Oratory of St. Francis de Sales and the Challenge to Don Bosco
  • Introduction: Archival Source and Nature of the Crisis
  • Brosio's First Report: Efforts to Entice Personnel Away from the Oratory of St. Francis de Sales
  • Brosio's Second Report: The "Outrage" of Don Bosco's Lottery Circular
  • The Lottery and the Circular
  • Meeting Called to Accuse Don Bosco
  • A Confrontation at the Oratory
  • Dénouement
  • Don Bosco and His Oratories Gain Preeminence
  • Closing Comment: Characteristics of Don Bosco's Oratories
  • Appendix I
  • Giuseppe Brosio the Bersagliere: Biographical Sketch
  • Appendix II
  • Don Bosco's Statements on the Early Oratory
  • Letter to the Mendicità lstruita (February 20, 1850)
  • Early Associates and Cooperators of Don Bosco in Oratory Work: Don Bosco's Statement in the Bolletino Salesiano
  • Appendix III
  • Correspondence: Frs. Borel, Cafasso, Ponte on the Oratory Crisis
  • Letter: Fr. Borel to Fr. Ponte
  • Letter: Fr. Ponte to Fr. Borel
  • Letter: Fr. Cafasso to Fr. Ponte
  • Appendix IV
  • Archbishop Fransoni's Decrees of March 31, 1852
  • Decree Appointing Don Bosco Officially Head Spiritual Director of the Three Oratories of St. Francis de Sales, of Saint Aloysius and of the Guardian Angel
  • Accompanying Decree Appointing Fr. Roberto Murialdo Spiritual Director of the Guardian Angel Oratory in Dependence under Don Bosco
  • Appendix V
  • Introduction to the Draft Regulations of the Boys' Oratory (1854)
  • Introduction