Politics of the “Our Father” and of the Holy Father: Don Bosco’s Mediation in Church-State Affairs

· Arthur J. Lenti, volume 10

by Arthur J. Lenti 



  • Introduction
  • Don Bosco's Mediation in 1858
  • The Case of Archbishop Luigi Fransoni of Turin
  • Don Bosco Intermediary between Gustavo and Camillo Cavour and the Holy See in the Fransoni Case
  • Don Bosco's Acting as Intermediary in 1859?
  • Political Context
  • Don Bosco: Bearer of a Letter from the Pope to the King?
  • Don Bosco's Involvement at the Time of the Vegezzi Negotiations for the Appointment of Bishops (March-June, 1865)
  • Political Developments: The Unification of Italy
  • Political Developments: the Roman Question
  • Don Bosco and the Mission of Negotiator Saverio Vegezzi
  • The Problem of Vacant Sees
  • Don Bosco's Involvement
  • Don Bosco and the Tonello Negotiations for the Appointment of Bishops to Vacant Sees (December 1, 1866-June 1867)
  • Political Developments: Italy's Third War of Independence against Austria and Garibaldi's Military Exploit against Rome
  • The Mission of Negotiator Michelangelo Tonello in the Government of Prime Minister Ricasoli and Don Bosco's Involvement (December, 1866 - March 1867)
  • The Tonello Mission and the Mood of the Talks
  • Don Bosco's Involvement in Florence
  • Don Bosco's Involvement with Tonello in Rome
  • Bishops' Appointments and Don Bosco's Involvement
  • A Mission Entrusted to Don Bosco by Prime Minister Luigi Federico Menabrea (January-March, 1869)?
  • Political Developments
  • Don Bosco Invited to Florence by Prime Minister Luigi Federico Menabrea?
  • Don Bosco and Bishops' Nominations in 1871
  • Political Developments
  • Don Bosco's Mediation for the Appointment of Bishops in 1871
  • Don Bosco's Letters to Cardinal Berardi and to Pius XI
  • Don Bosco's Activities in June 1871: A Conference with Prime Minister Giovanni Lanza in Florence?
  • Don Bosco's Activity in August and September 1871
  • Don Bosco at Countess Corsi's Villa
  • Pius IX's Letter to the King and Don Bosco
  • Don Bosco in Florence
  • Don Bosco in Rome and the Nomination of Bishops
  • Don Rosco 's Continued Involvement in the Nomination of Bishops
  • Don Bosco's Continued Mediation to Obtain Exequatur and Temporalities for Appointed Bishops in the Years 1872-1874
  • Archbishop Gastaldi's Uneasy "Entrance" and Don Bosco's Illness (December 1871 - February 1872)
  • Exequaturs and Temporalities: Terms of the Question and Don Bosco's Involvement in 1872
  • Don Bosco's Involvement with the Question of the Exequaturs in Rome in Early 1873
  • Bishops' Temporalities
  • Don Bosco's Fight for the Exequaturs at the Beginning of the Ministry of Prime Minister Marco Minghetti and of Justice Minister Onorato Vigliani (Latter Half of 1873)
  • Don Bosco Involvement with Minister of Justice Vigliani for the Exequaturs in Rome in 1874
  • Finding a Formula for a General Settlement of the Issue
  • Breakdown in the Negotiations
  • Practical Expedients Become the Norm
  • Conclusion