Saint with a Human Face: Don Bosco in Father Giulio Barberis’ Original Chronicle

· Arthur J. Lenti, volume 08

by Arthur J. Lenti, SDB




  • Introduction
  • Chroniclers and Chronicles – Documentation Gathered by Early Salesians Who Were Witnesses of Don Bosco's Words and Actions
  • "Historical Committees" and Periods of Recording Activity
  • First Period of Concerted Recording Activity: The Ruffino-Bonetti Period
  • The Formation of a Committee
  • Ruffino and His Chronicles
  • Bonetti and His Chronicles
  • The Second Period of Concerted Recording Activity: The Barberis-Berto Period
  • Reawakened Awareness and Renewed Effort
  • Barberis and His Chronicles
  • Berto and His Reports
  • Third Period of Recording Activity: The Lemoyne-Viglietti Period
  • Chronicling Don Bosco's Last Years
  • Lemoyne and His Chronicles
  • Viglietti and His Chronicles
  • Father Giulio Barberis and His Work As a Chronicler
  • Giulio Barberis (1847-1927): Biographical Sketch
  • Barberis' Activity as a Chronicler
  • Father Barberis' Chronicles
  • Structure of Barberis' Autograph Little Chronicle
  • Features of Barberis' Autograph Little Chronicle
  • Don Bosco at the Age of 60: Vignettes from Barberis' Autograph Little Chronicle
  • Don Bosco at His Daily Tasks
  • Sidelight on Don Bosco's Feast Day
  • Mary Help of Christians Has Her Day
  • Don Bosco Speaks of the Oratory and of the Salesian Society
  • The Oratory, a Divinely Guided Experience to Be Handed Down
  • A Well Formed and Divinely Guided Plan
  • The Oratory Finds a Place of Its Own
  • Minister Urbano Rattazzi Provides Illumination
  • "School of Fire" and "Work of Mary Help of Christians"
  • Comments on the Novitiate and Further Studies
  • Plans for Salesian Cooperators, Men and Women
  • Aspects of Don Bosco's Educational Strategy
  • Unusual Aspects of Don Bosco's Missionary Commitment
  • Missionary Strategy
  • Editing the Missionaries' Letters for the Purpose of Publicity
  • Great Illusory Ideas
  • Encyclopedic Bosco
  • Speculations about the American Continent and Its Early Inhabitants
  • Tobacco, Coffee and Archaeology, Too
  • Tender Loving Care
  • Conclusion