The Youth Minister as Mystic and Martyr

· David O'Malley, volume 14

by David O'Malley, SDB




  • Recognizing and Supporting Religious Experience in Young People
  • The Development of Religious Experience
  • Personal Experience v. Creedal Formulas
  • Validating Personal Experience
  • More Recent Data
  • The Nature of Religious Experience
  • Common Characteristics of Religious Experience
  • Ineffable
  • Noetic
  • Transient
  • Passive
  • The Feeling Elements of Religious Experience
  • The Interpretation Problem
  • A Language Problem
  • Religious Experience and Youth
  • The Ministry Mystic
  • Religious Experience of Children and Young People
  • Relational Consciousness
  • Learning Models Underlying This Research
  • Polanyi and Making Connections
  • Vygotsky and Social Interaction
  • The Spiritual Landscape and Adolescents
  • Awareness Sensing
  • Value Sensing
  • Personal Research into Adolescence and Relational Consciousness and Its Implications
  • A Sense of Otherness
  • The Sense of Self
  • The Sense of Reality
  • A Salesian Reflection on Religious Experience
  • Don Bosco and Religious Experience
  • Don Bosco's Own Religious Experience
  • Keeping the Conversation Going
  • Staying With the Young Person
  • The Need for Mystic Ministry