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At the Institute of Salesian Studies, we believe that the gift of the Salesian charism, spirit, and heritage is a gift for the whole Church and for the world, and ought to be made as accessible as possible. Thus, we have always placed a priority on producing quality journal articles at - or below - operating costs.

As printing and shipping costs continue to rise, we have come up with creative ways to manage our minimal budget, including the shift to a digital format with a print-on-demand option. However, in order to make the journal more accessible, please consider a free offering in amounts that could cover the following expenses:

Issue Sponsorship

A $1500 gift covers the average deficit that is not recouped by subscription fees for the publication of a single issue. Such a donation deserves special recognition in the particular issue for which your gift was applied.

Operating Expense Assistance

General operations such as web development, administration, layout editing, copy-editing, etc, contribute to the the overall cost of publication. A donation of $200 will greatly help offset those costs.

Library Sponsorship

Due to the added administrative needs associated with coordinating library memberships, a $100 donation covers a one-year library subscription to the printed journal.

Subscriber Sponsorship

A $50 donation completely covers the cost of a full year subscription to the online journal for a subscriber who cannot afford it, as well as contributes a small amount toward general operating expenses.

We are deeply grateful for the support we received from our "kickstarter" backers, and those who made it possible to digitize the first 25 issues and develop this website. All of our benefactors have a special place in the daily prayers of the Salesian community at Don Bosco Hall, and we publicly recognize many of the large supporters.


An alternative way to make a contribution is to send a check to:


Journal of Salesian Studies

Business Manager

1831 Arch Street

Berkeley, CA 94709