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ISSN 2333–4118 (online)
ISSN 2333–4061 (print)

The ISSN numbers were provisionally assigned in January 2014, and will be finalized upon the submission of the next issue later this year. Because the ISSN numbers were assigned in 2014, these numbers were not printed upon initial publication.
The "Online" ISSN refers to both the material published in the online journal format (i.e. The Earliest Biographies of Don Bosco and Their English Translations     –Arthur J. Lenti, SDB) as well as the PDF files.

Publisher Info:

Institute of Salesian Studies*
Don Bosco Hall | Berkeley • California • USA

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*the publisher used the name   Institute of Salesian Spirituality   for Volumes 9 through 15 (1998-2007) in the original printed version.


Publication Frequency:

The regular frequency of publication has been twice yearly (semiannual), with the following exceptions:

  • Volumes 9, 11, 13, 14, 15 have only one number issued (i.e. Vol. 9, No.1)
  • Publication ceased between Numbers 1 and 2 of Volume 12 (no issues were published in 2002 or 2003, and only one issue in both 2001 and 2004)
  • There were also no issues published from 2008 through 2013
  • Semiannual publication began again in 2015

Scope & Purpose:

The Journal of Salesian studies is an academic publication covering topics primarily related to the Salesian tradition of Saint John Bosco, including its connection to the wider Salesian tradition relating to Saint Francis de Sales. In order to progress the Salesian mission, and to properly understand and discern the call of Salesian discipleship, many articles take on a historical perspective, and to delve into the origins of the Salesian charism, spirit, educational style, and its historical application through time. These historically-based articles are designed to encourage the critical reflection of the reader, and to draw connections to its current application. However, many articles make more of an immediate practical application.

The Journal of Salesian Studies, therefore, welcomes proposals and contributions that bring to the fore any of the following subjects:

  • Education and evangelization of youth
  • Don Bosco' s charism and method
  • Timely and pertinent topics relating to Salesian work in today's world
  • Historical research in topics relating to the growth and development of the Salesian Society
  • Profiles of personalities who have made a notable contribution in Salesian history, such as Mother Mary Mazzarello
  • Francis de Sales’ charism, spirit, and historical influences, as well as related persons and topics such as Jane de Chantal and the Visitation Order
  • Book reviews of publications that are either explicitly Salesian, or publications which may be of interest to those involved in the education and evangelization of youth)

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Submission Guidelines

Authors and prospective authors of the Journal of Salesian Studies ought to familiarize themselves with the style guidelines and submission process.

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