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Encounter of the Salesian Charism: South Asian Context

Encounter of the Salesian Charism: South Asian Context -by Dominic Veliath, SDB

by Dominic Veliath, SDB Abstract: In his article, “Encounter of the Salesian Charism with the South Asian Context”, Fr. Dominic Veliath, a Salesian hailing from the Bangalore Province in India, gives us an overview of how the Salesian charism came into contact with the South Asian context in over one hundred years of Salesian presence on […]

Response to Joseph Boenzi’s “Cry of the Pastoral Heart of Francis de Sales”

Response to Joseph Boenzis ‘Cry of the Pastoral Heart of Francis de Sales’

by Francis Preston, SDB Excerpt: …Towards the end of his paper, Fr. Boenzi makes reference to the “pastoral heart” of Francis de Sales and how “as he looked at the separated city of Geneva, his longing converted into a program of action and a journey of continual conversion.” And with reference to Don Bosco Fr. […]

Cry of the Pastoral Heart of Francis de Sales: Da Mihi Animas

Cry of the Pastoral Heart of Francis de Sales: Da Mihi Animas

by Joseph Boenzi, SDB Subjects: Don Bosco Cites a Motto The Personal Motto of Francis de Sales: Non Excidet Spiritual Motto for Francis de Sales’ Religious Community: Live Jesus! Apostolic Slogan in the Pastoral Style of Francis de Sales Pastoral Heart Pastoral Awareness, Pastoral Attitude

Prevention or Repression: The Reception of Don Bosco’s Educational Approach in British Salesian Schools

Prevention or Repression: The Reception of Don Bosco's Educational Approach in British Salesian Schools

by William J. Dickson, SDB   Subjects: The English Educational Context: Different Political and Educational Traditions Dr. Arnold and Rugby School Don Bosco’s Educational Approach Prevention or Repression: Contrasts and Cultural Differences Corporal Punishment in Piedmont General Regulations for Boarding Schools (Jan. 23, 1827) Salesians and School Punishments Assistance and the Salesian Preventive System England […]

Accompanying the Young: The Souls our Hearts Seek

Accompanying the Young the Souls Our Hearts Seek

by Mary Greenan, FMA   Subjects: A Passion for Souls New Wine in Some Old Skins? Starting Point for Accompaniment Love as the Indispensable Condition for Accompaniment Knowing the End of All Our Accompanying The Key Questions Then Are What Is the Basic Goal of Spiritual Accompaniment and What Needs to Be Accompanied? The Journey […]

The Youth Minister as Mystic and Martyr

The Youth Minister as Mystic and Martyr

by David O’Malley, SDB   Subjects: Recognizing and Supporting Religious Experience in Young People The Development of Religious Experience Personal Experience v. Creedal Formulas Validating Personal Experience More Recent Data The Nature of Religious Experience Common Characteristics of Religious Experience Ineffable Noetic Transient Passive The Feeling Elements of Religious Experience The Interpretation Problem A Language […]

Don Bosco’s Oratories in 1849-1852: Conflict, Crisis and Resolution

Don Bosco's Oratories in 1849 1852: Conflict Crisis and Resolution

by Arthur J. Lenti, SDB   Subjects: Introduction: Historical Context The Situation of the Oratories in Turin in 1849-1852 Don Bosco’s Early Associates and Collaborators in Oratory Work Don Bosco’s Letter, February 20, 1850 to the Mendicità Istruita Fr. Borel’s “Memoriale dell’Oratorio” Don Bosco’s Cenni Storici (Historical Outlines) of 1862 Don Bosco’s Article in the […]

Paolo Albera’s Instructions: Early Efforts to Inculcate the Spirit of Don Bosco

Paolo Albera’s Instructions: Early efforts to inculcate the Spirit of Don Bosco

by Fr. Joseph Boenzi, SDB   Subjects: John Bosco Remembered in Paolo Albera’s Pastoral Visits Trained in Leadership by the Founder Believing in Don Bosco’s Holiness John Bosco in Paolo Albera’s Retreat Instructions Handing Down the Founder’s Teachings Recalling the Founder’s Example Characteristics Needed to Join Don Bosco Don Bosco: Director of Souls A Comprehensive […]

Margaret Occhiena Bosco (1788-1856): Don Bosco’s Mother, Educator and Vocational Support

Margaret Occhiena Bosco 1788 to 1856: Don Bosco's Mother Educator and Vocational Support

by Arthur J. Lenti, SDB   Subjects: Introductory Note The Boscos and Their Social Status Francis Louis Bosco and Family Death of Francis Louis Bosco Sources for the Biographical Material Included by Lemoyne in the Biographical Memoirs Margaret Bosco’s Situation after Her Husband’s Death Margaret, Christian Mother and Educator Margaret Bosco and John’s Religious Education […]

Something about Mary: Reflections on Don Bosco, Mother Mazzarello and the Development of the “Spirit of Mornese”

Something About Mary: Reflections on Don Bosco Mother Mazzarello and the Development of the Spirit of Mornese

by Kaoru Tamura, FMA       Subjects: Introduction Mother Mazzarello’s Spiritual Preparation, and Life Experiences Ideological Formation Life Experiences and Activities Brought Up on the Farm Apprenticed to Work in Manual Trade as Adolescents Influenced by Bourgeois Diocesan Priests Independence to Envision a New Model of Religious Life Inspired by the Experience of Working […]

Jesus and Salesian Discipleship

Jesus and Salesian Discipleship

by Francis J. Moloney Subjects: Introduction Jesus: the Son of Man “One like a son of man” in Daniel 7:13-14 Jesus as the Son of Man To Be a Disciple of Jesus Conclusion

Salesian Mysticism: Towards the Ecstasy of Action

Salesian Mysticism: Towards the Ecstasy of Action

by Mary Greenan, FMA Subjects: Introduction Purpose: the Salesian of the Future A Challenge from Postmodernism Behind the Mystique of the Mystic The Marriage of Contemplation and Action Ecstasy in Action Prayer and Presence: Love in Action Women and Men of Fire Be Mystics or Die!

What is Salesian in Don Bosco? Francis de Sales and Don Bosco’s Pastoral Spirit

What Is Salesian in Don Bosco: Francis de Sales and Don Bosco's Pastoral Spirit?

by Fr. Joseph Boenzi, SDB   Subjects: Preliminary Remarks Julie Colbert di Barolo, Marchesa and Foundress Pastoral Aspects of the Salesian Patronage Salesian Influence in Don Bosco’s Life Francis de Sales and the Devotional Landscape Model for Reform Model of Sweetness and Pastoral Zeal in the 1800s Don Cafasso Presents Francis de Sales to Priests […]

The Salesian Brother’s Spiritual Identity: A Lay Consecrated Youth Minister

The Salesian Brother's Spiritual Identity: A Lay Consecrated Youth Minister

by Br. John M. Rasor, SDB   Subjects: Writings from the Founding Period Names Don Bosco’s Constitutions The 3rd and 4th General Chapters The Coadjutors The Constitutions and General Chapters on Formation Identity in Today’s Rules Summary of the Renewal Process The Special General Chapter and World Congress of Salesian Brothers General Chapter 21 Fr. […]

The Dreams of Don Bosco: An Introduction to Their Study

The Dreams of Don Bosco: an Introduction to Their Study

by Michael Mendl, SDB Subjects: A Saint’s Charism Sources for Our Knowledge of the Dreams The Biographical Memoirs: Value and Limitations Studying Don Bosco’s Dreams Purposes and Value of the Dreams Types of Dreams

Don Bosco’s Second Great Hagiographical Essay: “The Life of Young Dominic Savio”

Don Boscos Second Great Hagiographical Essay: The Life of Young Dominic Savio

by Arthur J. Lenti, SDB   Subjects: Introduction Initial Presentation of Don Bosco’s Life of Savio Don Bosco’s Savio Biography and Its Successive Editions Sources of the Savio Biography Presentation of the First Edition of the Savio Biography (1859) Dominic Savio’s Cursus Vitae Dominic Savio’s Parents, Family and Childhood Ranello (1815-1840) Mondonio (1840-1841) San Giovanni […]

Sons of Don Bosco, Successors of the Apostles: Salesian Bishops, 1884 to 2001

Sons of Don Bosco Successors of the Apostles Salesian Bishops 1884 to 2001

by Charles N. Bransom, Jr.  Subjects: Introduction Salesian Bishops: Episcopal Ordinations Giovanni Cagliero Luigi Giuseppe Lasagna Giacomo Costamagna Giovanni Marenco Antonio Malan Francisco Aquino Corrêa Félix Ambrosio Guerra Luigi Olivares Abraham Aguilera Bravo Helvêcio Gomes de Oliveira Domenico Comin Luigi Versiglia Guglielmo Piani Pedro Octavio Ortiz Arrieta Ernesto Coppo Manoel Gomes de Oliveira Dante Carlo […]

Madonnas for Times of Trouble: Don Bosco’s Devotion to Mary the Madonna, and to Mary under the Titles ʺImmaculate Conceptionʺ and ʺHelp of Christiansʺ

Madonnas for Times of Trouble: Don Boscos Devotion to Mary the Madonna and to Mary under the Titles Immaculate Conception and Help of Christians

by Arthur J. Lenti  Subjects: Introduction Don Bosco’s Marian Devotion and Its Expression Theological Structure of Don Bosco’s Marian Devotion Don Bosco’s Marian Devotion Overview In Summary Devotion to Mary, Untitled and Titled Don Bosco’s Devotion to Mary the Immaculate Conception in Historical Context Mary Immaculate and Don Bosco: Precedents Definition of the Dogma of […]

An Introduction to Don Rua’s Letters to England

An Introduction to Don Rua's Letters to England

by John Dickson, SDB   Subjects: The Writer Don Rua’s Correspondents in England Don Rua’s Style of Pastoral Care Don Rua’s Style of Governance and Obedience Don Rua and Poverty, Finance and Property Don Rua’s Spirituality Conclusion

Quality, Culture and Charism

Quality Culture and Charism

by Christopher Ford, SDB   Subjects: Climate or Culture Intangible and Tangible Aspects of School Culture Religious Dimension and Catholic School Culture Challenges Facing Catholic Schools Charism Experience of the Founder: Don Bosco Option for the Young, especially the Poorer Ones Founding Beliefs and Values Education “Presence” Conclusion